December 8, 2011

New Still Lifes

Oranges with Green Vase 11X14

 Silver Tea Pot with Apples 11X14

This summer I took a workshop with Leah Lopez from New York.  She is an outstanding instructor and pulled me back into doing some more classical still lifes. She teaches at New York Academy of Art and on December 17th will be doing a painting demonstration at the Academy that will be video recorded.  Check out her web site at  I know that you will enjoy her work.  Recently I have been working on these two painting and they are getting close to completion.  Next time I will take some photos during the process of painting.  It is always interesting to see the development of a painting.

November 26, 2011

Reflected Beets

Oil on Canvas   10X20  SOLD  

Reflective Beets was an exciting work as my leaves wilted so quickly.  I roughed in the leaves as quick as I could but found that to paint what I was seeing in the fresh beets I had to study the folds and contours until the image became imprinted in my mind.  At that point I worked continuously until completion.


Fresh Strawberries

Oil on canvas 8X10  SOLD

The first in my fruit reflection series was done last year and sold.  I have moved from my reflective surfaces to work more in a master's style.  I will be posting my most resent work when I get back from the Thanksgiving visiting with my son and daughter in law in Eveetrt Washington.

Marianne W Smith

Marianne is a self-taught artist who strives to express in her paintings the mood, warmth and light of a scene as she sees it. Taking a moment in time, she captures and preserves its value and then passes it back to the viewer to enjoy. In a time when our daily lifestyles seem to become increasingly hectic and complex, Marianne is able to create a painting that reminds us of the quality and pleasure that can be derived from simplicity.