September 19, 2012

More Dories

Dories Reflected 12X12

I am getting ready for a show on October 6th from 5-7 at Lord Camden Inn and finally find myself getting some posts up on my Blog of work that I have completed this year.  These 2 dories and their reflections speak to me of our beautiful coastal area. I always feel privileged to be able to have the opportunity to capture such moments.

Lobster Buoys

Lobster Buoys 10X10

I was working on capturing the sun on this entanglement of lobster buoys.  Because of the sparkle I wanted to keep the painting free flowing and a bit loose in the paint application and brush stoke.

September 18, 2012

Apple Harvest

Apple Harvest 6X6

Apple Harvest is here and I have had a fun time doing some small paintings of apples in orchards nearby.

Robin's Nest

Robin's Nest 10X10

This robin's nest was woven so beautifully I used a lot of texture in this oil painting.  Coming up with the exact color for the eggs was the challenge of this piece - and what a beautiful color in nature they are.  Painting has made me appreciate and observe the glorious natural world around us.

Different Stroke

 Sunday Morning 18X24

Lemonade 18X24

As artists we many times get stuck in a box.  Either one that we create or others create for us.  I prefer to think and work outside of that box sometimes and thought it would be fun to do some work that was entirely different from my usual painting.  These pieces would go in the new Fresh Bakery in Camden and I wanted something with a color scheme that worked with the bakery's decor and something fun, lively and food related.  As I worked on my initial sketches with charcoal I became intrigued with the interfacing of shapes and patterns.  When I started working with my oils I was excited to see the colors bring the paintings to life.  I really had a good time with these!

September 12, 2012

Marine Paintings

 Transparency 7X14
I loved catching the moment this wave hit the shore and the transparency and color of the water and air

 Carol Ann 9X12
Again trying to capture some wave action off the stern of this lobster boat.

All Lined Up 10X20
I loved the serine feel of these dories at rest on the dock and presently I am working on a larger 18X36 of the same scene. 

Grandmother's Sugar Bowl

 Grandmother's Sugar Bowl  11X14

I first began this painting with the brass teapot on the right and an arrangement of flowers from the garden on the left.  I was never happy with the direction of the piece and kept adding and subtracting until all of a sudden the chemistry worked.  All of the pieces now connect and speak to each other.